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  • (Forthcoming 2022). The Ontology of the Linguistic Territoriality Principle [with Helder De Schutter and Nenad Stojanović]. Chapter in a Collective Book published by John Benjamins on language policies in Europe, edited by François Grin and László Marácz.
  • (2018). Alan Patten’s Theory of Equal Recognition and its Contribution to the Debate over Multiculturalism. In Sergi Morales-Gálvez and Nenad Stojanović (eds.), Equal Recognition, Minority Rights and Liberal Democracy. Alan Patten and His Critics. London: Routledge, 1–7. [Co-written with Nenad Stojanović.] [Published also as a Special Issue’s article in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy in 2017.]
  • (2015). Autodeterminación en contextos democráticos El Reino Unido y España. In Jorge Cagiao y Conde and Vianney Martin (eds.), Federalismo, autonomía y soberanía en el debate territorial español. El caso catalán. Paris: Éditions Le Manuscrit, 189–231. [Co-written with Ivan Serrano.]

Under review and work in progress paper

  • ‘Linguistic Justice, Equality of Opportunities and English as a Lingua Franca: A Critique’
  • ‘Linguistic Domination’ 
  • ‘Domesticating English for Global Justice’

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